Create syntheses and meta-analyses integrating market research and insights across studies.

These analyses help clients set strategy, form plans, get deeper insights into topics or target groups and provide easy access overviews of existing information.

Types of Meta-Analysis Created
  • Opportunities for growth
  • What we know about a specific topic area and implications/recommendations
  • Deep dive into target audiences and their needs (i.e. Millennials)
  • Similarities and differences across audiences, geo areas, etc.
  • Best practices
  • Where info gaps are – what learning agenda should be
  • Performance scorecards
  • Fact books
  • Online databases of prior research incorporating synthesis and sources for easy reference
Types of Info Included
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • Secondary/library info
  • Government data
  • Syndicated info
  • Internal client data
  • External database info
  • Whatever info is relevant
Analysis Scope
  • Simple to complex
  • 3 sources to 100+
  • Highly defined topics to “open exploratory” based on content
  • High level/concise for senior management; more detailed for day-to-day users