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Market Research for Education and Nonprofits
Consulting Services


We also provide market research consulting to higher ed institutions, other education organizations and nonprofits.

Many of our clients do not have dedicated research staff, or the time and resources to tackle analytic projects.

How can we help you?

In addition to designing and conducting research projects, we can…

  • Supplement your staff by helping with workload or serving as a part-time researcher or analyst for your team.
  • Analyze information you already have, but don’t have time to put into summary form or to extract insights.
  • Strengthen existing reports to make the learning clearer and more actionable.
  • Bring together information from across different sources – i.e. create summaries, white papers, meta-analyses or syntheses — to help you get to the heart of what you need to know or to share information with others.
  • Help you establish a market research or institutional research function.