Market Research and Insights for Nonprofits


We help nonprofits get the market research, information and insights you need to understand key stakeholders and to achieve your goals.

Clients include nonprofits and foundations in health, human services, education, arts and culture and other areas.


Branding, Messaging & Communications
  • Brand Awareness & Perceptions
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Tracking
  • Message or Tagline Testing
  • Research to Generate Media Coverage or Other Content
Stakeholder Engagement, Development & Fundraising
  • Needs & Engagement
  • Decision Journey & Mapping
  • Donor Group Deep Dive (Large, Small, Lapsed, Non, etc.)
  • Donor Trends & Profiles (Internal Data)
  • Giving Trends & Attitudes of Different Generations
  • Appeal of New Fundraising Initiatives
Program Development & Optimization (i.e. Online)
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Recipient Needs
Stakeholder/ User Experience
  • Identification of Touchpoints/ Journey Mapping
  • Deep Dive on Touchpoint(s)
  • User Experience Tracking/ Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Website Evaluation or Usability Testing
  • Volunteer Attitudes & Experience
  • Public Opinion & Perceptions of Key Stakeholder Groups
  • Dashboard or Scorecard of Key Metrics
  • Employee Satisfaction
Information Management
  • User-Friendly Fact Book
  • White Paper on Topic(s) of High Interest (Secondary Info)
  • Improved Reporting to Leverage Existing Data or Research


We conduct research among many different types of stakeholders.

General Public
Community Partners
Opinion Leaders
Prospective Donors
Your Employees
Recipient Organizations or Individuals, Patients,
Other – Let’s Discuss


The first step to a great deliverable occurs at the very beginning of a project when we work closely with you to fully understand your needs, and the situation that sets the stage for the project.

As we move forward, we make sure the overall research design and every decision during project execution will help you learn what you need to know. In addition to the basic facts and data you seek, we look for the insights that will add context, richness and actionability.

We transform all of this information and learning into a presentation or report that’s incisive, crystal clear and visually engaging. We believe all research should be easy for you and your colleagues to use, including those who do not have a lot of prior experience using research.