Best Practices

Help organizations define and implement best practices to strengthen contribution to decision-making and to work more efficiently

Market Research/Insights Department
  • Increase “business” focus and actionability
  • Update structure of department to meet business needs
  • Define job roles, job descriptions and/or key competencies
  • Improve process for hiring; ensure candidates are evaluated on the right competencies
  • Enhance client/research partner relationships
  • Create or improve library and information sharing
Research Tools
  • Optimize research approaches to meet organizational needs
  • Ensure all staff use consistent approach to same study types
  • Explore industry “state of the art”
  • Expand tools used and increase innovation
Project Management
  • Establish guidelines to ensure thoroughness and/or compliance
  • Achieve time/cost efficiencies
  • Select optimal research partners
    • Have developed protocol to optimize selection of research partner for tracking programs and other major initiatives
  • Strengthen reporting and insights
    • Make deliverables more succinct, engaging and better suited for senior level audiences